Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are intended to collect water as it runs off your roof and channel it away from the foundation of your house. Water near the foundation of a home can cause cracks in the foundation. When gutters are clogged with debris from trees or from your roof, they cannot handle the amount of water from your roof during a rainfall. This will cause the gutters to overflow, and water to fall near the foundation of your home. Superior Squeegee Inc. can remedy this problem by hand cleaning your gutters and flushing your gutter downspouts. We use ladders, equipped with ladder stabilizers, to perform this gutter cleaning. The ladder stabilizers allow the weight of the ladder to rest on the roof, not on the gutters, preventing damage to the gutters. Superior Squeegee Inc. will clear all debris from the gutters and remove it from the job site. Superior Squeegee Inc. will also flush out the downspouts on your gutters to make sure they are running clean and able to move water out of the gutters. As with all of our services, estimates are free. Please contact us today to request a free estimate or schedule a cleaning.

Chandelier Cleaning

Superior Squeegee Inc. will clean your chandeliers and hard to reach ceiling fans with care and non-abrasive, eco-friendly products. We have the equipment that allows us to reach and handle each piece to ensure a brilliant result. Got a burnt out light bulb? Just ask one of Superior Squeegee’s friendly staff to replace it for you while we are cleaning your chandeliers and fans. Simply give us your replacement bulbs and well take care of the rest. Whether you have an interior chandelier or an outside light fixture, Superior Squeegee can clean it and replace your bulbs.

Snow Removal

Superior Squeegee offers full service snow removal. We have professional grade equipment that cuts through deep snow. We can clear your driveway, or your parking lot with ease. Rest assured, when you wake up in the morning, you won’t need to worry about shoveling a driveway. Superior Squeegee will also shovel your sidewalks and patios. Take the worry out of the winter months and let Superior Squeegee give you SUPERIOR service for snow removal. We offer per time rates as well as monthly contracts. Whatever works best for you, we’ll do.

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